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Learning evidential mediumship was the best financial, energetic, & spiritual investments they have EVER made…

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There’s a lot that, as humans, we are struggling with. Being able to have these gifts where you feel safe and connected within yourself, having a center, a grounding focal point that is always like your home base… changes your life.

Brianna Colette

Sloan is a powerful channel, and helped me to further accept my own gifts as a medium. In a world where being a medium and channel for spirit doesn’t always feel safe Sloan creates a safe space for exploration. From the first time we connected I was blown away. If you are looking to learn, grow and/or empower your own psychic gifts Sloan is truly a powerful leader in this space. 


Healer and Coach

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“I feel the whole collective consciousness is vibing for me. It feels like a superpower. My anxiety is totally gone. I saw myself as mentally unstable before this. If this was a year ago I’d be in bed all day spiraling out of control, but I’m not. I have so much energy and feel so free.” 



I knew learning mediumship was going to be powerful…but I am surprised how this program has helped my mental health. It has also prepared me for growth, spiritual beliefs expanding, and feeling more grounded. It has opened my mind on how to navigate grief and depression. It has also made me more centered in chaos.



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