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Some kind words...

"Working with Sloan in a 1:1 container was life changing.  I had no idea owning these spiritual abilities also meant owning my life. Since working regularly with Sloan I have more than tripled my income and that is solely, because I now know how to listen. This is real and it is accessible to anyone." 

Natalie, Spiritual Medium and Business Coach

Sloan gave me the biggest gift of my life- a conversation with my mother who has been gone for eleven years. She authentically and positively reconnected my relationship with her. Now, I feel like I am closer to my mother than ever before. I have eternal gratitude for Sloan.

Lory, NYC Director and Publisher 

Shane, Lead Spa Director for Waldorf Astoria

"My growth as an intuitive is evolving and having Sloan as a supportive mentor makes all the difference she is different-- a talented Medium, genuine, and honest. She cares deeply for her clients and the quality of her work.


The most important take away from the coaching was the confidence I found in my gifts. It was a comfortable environment and opening up my intuition has change my life in the most profound ways. It has helped me realize that all the answers I seek are inside of me. 

I am forever grateful  for Sloan guiding me along the way! If you are a light worker looking to develop your intuition and build a business Sloan is your girl!"


Sara P,  Holistic Coach and Humanitarian 

Heading 1

Katie, Psychotherapist 

"I imagine that they were there. Sloan just helped me learn to access and recognize them. Also, I thought channeling was going to be scary and that it would open up this pandoras box of spirits in my house and in my daily life. That's not how it was at all! Now these gifts seem fun."


Ashley, Public Attorney

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