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"Sloan gave me the biggest gift of my life- a conversation with my mother who has been gone for eleven years. She authentically and positively reconnected my relationship with her. Now, I feel like I am closer to my mother than ever before. I have eternal gratitude for Sloan."

Lory L.  NYC

“Sloan truly has a gift. She knows things that no one else could ever know without having witnessed!! This weekend Sloan connected me with my father before my wedding and told me I would “smell” him. Honestly thought that was weird and completely pushed the thought aside. At the very end of the night a dear friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in years hugged me and I asked him if he was wearing my fathers unsual selection of cologne instead of his normal scent and he said yes! Right away I started laughing because there is no other explaination other than my dad finding his way into my special day at the perfect time for me to remember it. Thank you Sloan for making my special day even more special!”

Ricki G.  Miami

She’s amazing!! A talented medium, genuine, honest and cares deeply for her clients & the quality of her work.Opening up my intuition has truly changed my life in the most profound ways. It’s helped me realize that all the answers we seek are inside us. The ability to help others create a life they love and align with their authentic self is what I was born to do in this life time. I’m forever grateful for the blessing of heightened intuition and for Sloan guiding me along the way!

Sarah P.  Australia

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