The Spiritual Development Circle 


Are you a Medium?

It is time to trade in anxiety and self-doubt for access of your super soul strength and wisdom. The afterlife is here in our very own presence.


Many of us are living amongst spiritual beings and have no idea, meanwhile our lost loved ones have been calling for our attention.

We don't have to go at it alone.

The signs are everywhere, but can you see them? Can feel them?

  Expect  miracles.

“This Spiritual Circle is the definition of leveling up, showing up, and GROWTH.”

- Olga P.


'There is a combination of meditation, lecture, and practice. It's really amazing how quickly you can go from learning to doing. It's like if you were struggling with something and someone was like... it's upside down, and then you turn it upright and you're like oh!"

- Sarah P. 

Why Spiritual Development?

  • Find your SUPER HUMAN powers.

  • Understand your unique communication style

  • Strengthen dormant Clairsenses

  • Have a deep understanding of protection

  • Create boundaries that keep you embodied

  • Learn how to share your abilities with the world.

A total Value of:


but save more than $3,277

at only $3333

With an Investment of 

ONLY $555 a month

(6 $555 Payments or pay in full at $3,000 to save an additional $333)

Bi-Weekly Group Call

Practice every other Thursday on a live working zoom call with other leading light workers.


Worth: $3,900

Text Support

Receive 24 hour support in the Whatsapp group, where you can ask or share anything.


Worth: $350

Free Access to Workshops

Get first access and a free pass to selected workshops on my calendar.

Worth Over: $900

2 Private 1:1 Sessions

Receive personal support with

2 one hour private coaching calls. 


Worth $960

Spirituality 101

Learn on your own with a 2 day pre-recorded course for deeper understanding of the basics. 


Worth: $500

Special Deals

Get first access and special pricing for all new offers. 

OVER $2,927 OFF!!


I get it. 

When I first showed up to Stansted, England to study Mediumship Development I came with baggage of not feeling enough. I had studied spiritual work all over the world, but still doubted myself. I had let the world call me crazy. 

My first class in England, and a few there after, I balled my eyes out as I witnessed the power that was inside of me. It was a profound moment in my life where I knew this information had to be shared with the world. 

I saw THE vision.

I realized that I was not lost. I was here to build a new way.

Now, I have had the honor of witnessing massive mental health upgrades, career changes, financial abundance, and deep healing through this Spiritual Development Circle. 

We don't need medicine to connect with the divine. All you need is you. It is time to start listening. 

Are you ready to claim your powers?