The Empowered Medium knows what she brings, She trusts her intuition, and walks with confidence in who she is... 

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It sits at your throat and gives you anxiety, the knowing unexpressed. 

Yet another moment goes by when your instinct was correct and you didn't follow it. 

Your own intuition getting muddled by those around you and, oy vey, you are exhausted. 

The desire of wanting to help people, but never fulfilling it successfully stays at your heart. 

When will they see you and all that you offer the world? 

What if there was something to this gut like feeling, the deep emotions, and desire to help the world. 

Could it be possible you are here for more? 

What if you didn't have to process other people's emotions, because you learn how to develop and listen to your own? 

What if these are all symptoms of being ready to understand your intuition from a whole new perspective. 

Sound Familiar? Let's change things. 

It is time to trade in anxiety and self-doubt for access of your super soul strength and wisdom.

There is a way and it is developing mediumship. That is because when we learn to speak to the afterlife, we learn to listen to our hearts. 

Developing mediumship applies intellectual growth to our senses, and teaches us what is not ours and what is. We learn to speak to the sign and messages, and take action from a heart centered place. 

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The 6 month Mediumship Membership for soul expansion. 

Plant Shadow

  Expect  miracles.

“This Spiritual Circle is the definition of leveling up, showing up, and GROWTH.”

Maria Lutin

Author and Medium


" I am leaving SDC with a new family of healers and friends that I can call upon any time I need. I have not only developed skills to help me be a better psychic medium, but I have developed confidence discussing these things with friends, family, and clients. This course helped me remember who the F I am."

Nikki G. 

Master Personal Trainer and Medium


What is SDC?

The practices in the Spiritual Development Circle awakens access to a higher human intelligence of the intuition.

            This is the community of heart led leaders, women who are here to celebrate their powers and embrace the world with love. This is a empowered and healing community. We take the time to get to know what is on our hearts and what is the purpose we are here to share. Not just for a moment, but  from the root of our ancestors and what is left in our dna. We walk with spirit and are not bound by time, but from possibilities. We are the proof that miracles exist.  


Show up for your higher self.

There is another way of living with spiritual guidance that will help you flourish in your mental health, in business, in family, and in all areas.


When you are able to truly see the support and love that communicates with you each and every day, you will understand the value of one’s life. When you are listening to the guidance and in your highest self, this is true FREEDOM.


Why Spiritual Development?

  • Find your SUPER HUMAN powers.

  • Understand your unique communication style

  • Strengthen dormant Clairsenses

  • Have a deep understanding of protection

  • Create boundaries that keep you embodied

  • Build life-long friendships and community

  • Find your purpose!

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I get it. 

When I first showed up to Stansted, England to study Mediumship Development I came with baggage of not feeling enough. I had studied spiritual work all over the world, but still doubted myself. I had let the world call me crazy. 

My first class in England, and a few there after, I balled my eyes out as I witnessed the power that was inside of me. It was a profound moment in my life where I knew this information had to be shared with the world. 

I saw THE vision.

I realized that I was not lost. I was here to build a new way.

Now, I have had the honor of witnessing massive mental health upgrades, career changes, financial abundance, and deep healing through this Spiritual Development Circle. 

We don't need anything to connect with the divine. All you need is to trust yourself.  It is time to start listening. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I need to have studied Mediumship before SDC to join?

All levels are welcome in this group. You will learn everything you need to know in this container. Wether you have experience or are jumping in for the first time, you belong here. 

Is there a religious affiliation to this group?

This circle is a great add on to your own personal faith. We do not teach religion or promote any particular type of faith. People have joined from all different backgrounds. 

What kind of work load is given in this course? 

Everything that is offered outside of the zoom calls is set up on your schedule, however we do give assignments like journal prompts, book suggestions, worksheets, pre-recorded programs, and additional masterclass signups. 

What's Included...

Live Group Zoom Calls

The most valued and celebrated moments have existed on these calls, since the day the Spiritual Development Circle began. Every other week we meet to commune with spirit. Through different exercises we develop strength in our intuition to speak clearly with what we are experiencing. 


Call dates: July 7th, 21st, August 4th, 18th, September 8th, 15th, 29th, October 13th, 27th, November 10th, 17th, December 1st, 15th, and 29th .


Power of an Empath Pre-recorded Training

This powerful 7 module training helps shift out of empathic lulls and into confidence so you can show up to mediumship in your power. Packed with spiritual exercises and journal prompts. You will get clear on your unique purpose and how to share your purpose. 


Access Mediumship Pre- Recorded training

A three module training that has an easy method to apply to mediumship. You have access to this and can work through it at any time. Included is journal prompts and exercises to have great breakthroughs in mediumship. 


2 30 Min Office Hours Calls

In the beginning and end of the six months, we will schedule times to evaluate your progress and process your work in a private 1:1 call. This is for personal questions and time to focus on strengthening your mediumship. 

Journal Prompts


Throughout the six months you will receive the live call recording paired with journal prompt questions to support you through your transition and self reflection. 

Whatsapp Group Support Chat

Round the clock support and shares from your community, as well as updates and opportunities can be left here. 

Alumni SDC Status 

You aren't just joining this group for 6 months, it's for life. You'll get access to a private group of hundreds of past SDC alumni from all around the world. Get to know and network with those who share this beautiful experience with you. You will get special access into offers with discounts and being the first to know. 

Financial support and payment plans available to those who apply.

Are you ready to claim your powers?