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How to Change the Weather

Have you experienced a miracle in your life?

It could look like a small thought that came forth into the physical realm. Maybe you were thinking of someone and then they called. Or maybe a long-time prayer was answered.

I believe you are the creator of everything that shows up in your life.

I have been practicing and teaching manifestation for several years and have seen incredible results.

Manifestation comes from the basis that your thoughts become your reality. If this is true, what if we could operate this on a much bigger plane?

I have a challenge for you all.

Whether you’re a first time manifester or a longtime practitioner of creating the “impossible,” let’s take on a challenge way beyond our current circles of reality.

This is my call to action: that we use our inner will power to change the weather.

I’m a believer. Are you?

Join me now in changing the weather.

Here’s how:

You are the storm.

The way to control nature is to connect with nature. Your shiny car and air conditioning sometimes make you feel separate from the animal kingdom, but newsflash!


You are a living breathing mammal that is connected to the food chain and the Circle of Life. When you step into this power, and pour your emotions into a visualization, things begin to shift.

Take ownership of the clouds, the sun, and the rain. Recognize the sun rises because enough people in the world believe that it will.

Coming from this place, softly chant to yourself “I am the storm” as you envision warm loving raindrops soothing the wounds of the world.

Let your heart take you to the rainforests, the vast oceans, and dry desserts, and connect for a moment with the pain and suffering that all of humankind has created over the centuries.

Now let it pour. Not through shame, guilt, or pain, but from awareness. Your emotions are the catalyst for what you want. Align your pain with your chant and your vision.

Now let the water flow.

Believe. Commit.

The Universe only hands you what you ask for. It’s a different language, though. She doesn’t speak English. She doesn’t take currency. The Universe speaks in emotions, in beliefs, and in commitment.

Take the emotions you just stirred up and add your commitment to having your vision happen.

If you don’t believe it’s going to rain, it won’t.

Clients sometimes come to me hoping I am the kind of psychic that will cast a spell and make something disappear in their lives. Every single time, we break down the bad boyfriend, the soulless job, the flaky friendships, only to uncover that they don’t actually believe they are worthy of attaining their dream job, a loving relationship, or a loyal friend.

How big are you able to imagine? Do you know your “why?” Do you believe in it? You must first connect with your why before you dive into the “what.” The Universe is listening carefully.

Make your vision specific. Would it be possible for us to live in a time where we live cohesively with Mother Earth? What would that look like and where would we be in our lives if this is possible? Set your intention and believe it to be true.

Receive. Surrender.

I have spent many journeys running away from surrender. I have come back to tell you: surrender is the secret sauce to all manifestations. Resistance is not.

After your deep emotional experience of connecting with nature, after gaining clarity on your “why” and speaking clearly to the Universe, after your intentional prayers to Mother Earth—LET IT GO. Surrender your vision into the clouds, knowing that whatever is for the Highest Good will happen.

Trust in your commitments, knowing that when you are truly committed to having it happen, there is no stopping the creation of it. When you are committed, you are confident in your wholeness and you have the assurance to surrender to what is – and to what you have created.

We are the light warriors that our ancestors prayed for. We are here to create great change. We are the believers in a sea of doubt. We are givers to this world.

In the madness and the motion of our society, allow yourself to receive the loving awareness of forgiveness and surrender. Know that we can forgive ourselves for the damage we have created here on Earth. We can continue to use our brave will power for good.

The magic is in the surrender.

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