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A New Wave of Being

A new wave of being breaks through.

How delightful. A rush of energy, a peak of hope for our manifestos.

Time is fading as we know it. Beyond our man-made clocks, the celestial timeline strikes 12.

Here we meet again. Another place, another face. Isn’t it divine?

Heaven, yes, heaven. It’s breaking through. A fasting prayer of wisdom sweeps through. The ever-present essence of God’s deep prayer for humanity.

Those who have shed light onto their darkness.

Those who have lived through their hearts.

The ones who can still embrace the warm touch of another.

The compassion in our eyes. The kindness in our breath. The intention in our sounds. They all vibrate illuminating the brilliant textures of humanity.

The choice has been yours all along.

No soul divided.

It’s a game, you see?

A creation participation.

So many things to see, so many things in our peripherals. And still the guiding light burrows its way through us.

Breath by breath.

Death by death.

I surrender to you.

“Who am I?” I question, as I break free from my fetus.

Once again, I take this journey that has been worn by the feet of many forms other than myself.

I am the connection of the mother and father.

I am the connection of the masculine and feminine.

I am the waving rainbow light of brilliant Taurus.

I am the bridge of the hopes of my ancestors.

I am the perfect balance of Father Sky and Mother Earth.

I am the connector.

The medium.

The balance.

I am the furious waves of pain and suffering.

I am the creator and the destroyer.

Here I stand as a peaking hope for a new wave of being.

A cry and a stand – fueled by rage. A hope for the next generation to break down their blinds.

Mother Earth needs you.

We need an authentic you.

We need the savage. The beast. The light. The blessing.

We need fear and love. A willingness to be present.

We need laughter. We need joy. We need wonder.

Come hither and step into the joyous wonder of the world.

We need you.

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