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3 Reasons Heart Break is the Best Thing for You.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Have you experienced grief before? Have you felt that longing dread of having to let go of something meaningful in your life? Here are some simple ways to change your thinking and use heartbreak as a resourceful awakening.

What the literal F! At some point in my spiritual career I actually thought I would eventually levitate over heart break. Like, literally, meditate so hard I fly right over pain and suffering on my magic yoga mat. I have yet to discover this. Yes, there were years when I consciously chose suffering and times like now that I am committed to blasting through the glass ceiling. So how do you turn tears into progression? I'm busy building my dynasty when the towers fall. Boom! What? no, I thought I was in control of this? What are all these feels that I am feeling? Here I am in all my rawness, sharing with you how I over came this and turned heartbreak into heart expansion.

Holding onto your idea of perfectionism, is rationing your small potatoes, when the Universe is treating you to a giant magical feast.

For the moments you feel your biggest desires slipping through your fingers, like gripping on sand, here are some reminders why this moment is actually working for you:


If you have ever felt real grief in your life, you know what I am talking about when I say that the level of "no fucks given" is so real in this moment. All of sudden your desires of wanting to be liked or look good, go out the window, and before you know it you are riding the beast you were once trying to hide. This is my top fave thing about heart break. You have that moment of owning your power. You have that moment of owning all your realness and loving the deep dark raw parts of you. Heart break and grief shatter masks and give a new name to the beast of emotion that lives inside of you. What pushes through barriers and re-writes history? It is your emotions and deep uncontrollable passion that has relentlessly through time been the carrier for visionary leaders to make great change in the world.


The new, new. Everyone loves a new tool kit. Everyone loves new perspectives and different resources. After you start riding the beast and breaking in to new ways of authenticity, life starts getting easier. You become more open to ideas. You definitely lose the, "I know everything mentality." (Your heart just got shattered Stacey, you don't know sh*t.) If you are anything like me, this is the moment where you turn on Kirtan and start chanting some kind of mantra like, "I know nothing, I am here to serve." OK, so cut out the extreme antics and who the hell is Stacey anyway? What I am trying to get at is that heart break opens up new opportunities and you learn new things. As a person that is an advocate for mental health, my tool box is LIFE! A new tool of a way to feel good may be a new yoga teacher, therapist, or book. Whatever it is, thats expansion. We all need tools to stay on our game. Being resourced is being prepared, because we all know that life is not always peonies and roses. Real sh*t happens in our lives and our ability to bounce back depends on our ability to ask for the help that we need.


Like, now you know. Like, really, really know. No bullsh*t. That diamond just got real clear and suddenly you can see all of the things that were not worth your time. I make a living helping my clients stay focused on their higher purpose. Here is my biggest secret, sometimes I too set sail in the opposite direction of my higher purpose. I am human. In my endless spiritual travels I have yet to meet anyone that has actually transcended their ego. Spoiler alert! There is no magical yoga mat carpet ride over pain and suffering. Our ego is our hustle. I love that side of me, but I don't ever want it to hijack my vision. The more advanced you become in enlightenment, your shadow self is also getting that upgrade too. The root of suffering comes from attachment, or at least that is what the Buddhist believe. There is some truth to surrendering that empire you just built, surrendering to a deep love. Another fave thing about heart break is a reminder that life is an illusion. The only thing that is real is the love that we carry in our hearts. The people and things are temporary, so be present with gratitude and kindness. Surrender and also know that what you are committed to will happen. So if you are seeking to be right that you are a magical genius with a thriving business, the Universe is conspiring to make that happen. Even when your heart breaks, you can rest assure that the growing pains are opening up a new pathway. You may not understand at this moment. It is not our job to have the answers. Life is better lived in the questions.

If you are experiencing heart break or no all the feels. I hope you feel free to join in the conversation below or follow for more content on my instagram. @she__woke

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