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What if I told you that in 6 weeks, I could teach you how to…


✨ Channel & use your spiritual powers to AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT & INCOME?

(This is exactly how I built a multiple-six figure company & wrote my first best-selling book!)


✨ See, feel, and hear your ancestors and access them for life support?


✨ Tap into your powerful intuition at a moment’s notice? 


✨Receive mind-blowing evidence with Mediumship 


What if EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP, one of the oldest professions, is exactly what you need to trust yourself and follow your soul-led mission? 


Just ask my clients. They will tell you that learning EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP was the best financial, energetic, & spiritual investments they have EVER made.


And guess what? It isn’t too late for you.


I was missing something.

However, I had the family, the house, the job, the money, but it was something inside of me that I couldn’t find and tap into until learning Mediumship. 


It was the connection of me! 


Everything has changed since working with Sloan.  My relationship with my power has changed. I no longer feel as if I need to seek these things outside of myself. I have a WAY and connection to that power, so now I keep going deeper within. 


This was absolutely transformational and profound for me. 


There was a moment in the spirit circle when we were doing blind readings where I was able to channel so clear that I realized that this was the moment that I needed to understand this is real, I can do this, and I have a very strong connection. 


Before this moment I was still a little unsure about myself, but that moment changed everything. 


I’ve always had this feeling that there is something great inside of me. 


Now I KNOW there is and I’m not


afraid to use it. 



👏🏼 What if I told you that in 6 weeks I could teach you how to get mind blowing evidence with Mediumship plus how to apply this increased intuition in your daily life? 


👏🏼 What if I told you in 6 weeks I will teach you how to use YOUR spiritual powers to generate a six-figure income AND write a best-selling book? (like I did!)


👏🏼 What if I told you in 6 weeks you would be able to see, feel, and hear your ancestors and know how to access them for support in your life? 


👏🏼 What if I could show you why evidential mediumship is the most important investment you can ever make? 


👏🏼 What if Evidential mediumship, one of the oldest professions, is exactly what you need to trust yourself and follow your soul led mission? 


👏🏼 What if seeing how powerful and correct your intuition is will naturally remove blocks of doubt, shame, and fear put on by society? 


It isn’t too late. 


I see you, love.

Chances are you’ve landed here because YOU ARE READY to take part in a LARGER LIFE CALLING. You believe that YOU ARE BEING DEEPLY GUIDED in a way that deserves more exploration. 


Perhaps YOU ARE READY to deepen your spiritual gifts, intuition, & ability to connect with spirit.

Heck, maybe you are even ready to monetize your spiritual gifts & build a full-time business from it!


If this is you, then I’m the GO TO SPIRITUAL MENTOR for you. 

My mission: is to lead women into their ultimate authentic powers to access freedom and have the ability to speak with conviction through their channels, downloads, and spiritual powers. I want to live in a world where spiritual women step out of poverty mindset and fear of their untapped abilities to embrace their birthright in magnetizing abundance, flow, and confidence. 

Now I know what you might be asking:

❓How do I know that mediumship is for me?

❓What does this type of work actually entail? How do I learn it?

❓Does this actually work?

❓Do I really have what it takes to communicate with loved ones who passed?

❓How does speaking to the afterlife help me in my life? 


From my 10 years of expertise & serving over a thousand clients in my mediumship mentor programs, With over 5 years of coaching 1:1 clients, 3 years of leading the Spiritual Development Circle Mastermind, and offering hundreds of live medium readings…


I can assure you Evidential MEDIUMSHIP IS A SKILL that is often misunderstood, yet CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE ONCE LEARNED & IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY. 


And this is exactly what I’ll be teaching you inside MEDIUMSHIP FOR BEGINNERS.



What Mediumship Is Not:

  • A quick solve or bandaid for your problems 

  • A crystal ball with all the answers

  • A Curse removal or a spirit attachment

  • Rescuing Spirits in between life and death

  • Cleansing negative entities 

  • A party trick or something you need to prove to anyone


What Mediumship Is:

  • A sacred personal journey discovering your power

  • A lifestyle with deep inquisitive look at how you live your life

  • Getting comfortable with the big questions you have 

  • Surrendering to your soul’s biggest mission 

  • Connecting with your highest self and a source of love that heals on its own

  • Accessing receptivity by increasing your intuition, energy, and ability to see how you give to others 

Who Are We

How is Mediumship Is Going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE:

There is a saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” 

What you’ve never been told is that YOU DO THE CHOOSING. 


Spirit is all around us and once we learn to match their frequency we can have access to knowledge beyond space and time. 


How do we do this? 

By connecting to the people we know who have physically passed away. 


Grief stays locked up withinside of us until we choose to face it. 


Imagine healing grief in a safe space that you let go and open up to the possibilities behind the veil. 


When someone passes, they give us a connection to God by bridging the formless into finite, creating form in empty space, and through teaching us cyclical timelines. 


EVERYTHING is happening all at once and just like a movie theater playing movies all at once, you can access different timelines (including your love ones) by having an increased awareness for the present moment. This is the power of understanding cyclical timelines and the way spirit sees time. 


We meet ourselves in our highest vibration to communicate in Mediumship in return having major effects that support our daily lives. 


Mediumship helps the grieving process and gives us a more profound relationship with spirit. There are so many other benefits that are not always talked about like in this program.  


What makes this program unique is YOU WILL BE LEARNING what most people don't. Pull up a seat & learn with the expert. (hiiii 👋)


You’ll walk away from DECODED with the knowledge & skills NEEDED to…

  • Leverage yourself as the most TRUSTED person in the room

  • Communicate with passed loved ones and all spiritual realms

  • Gain a flare of confidence and knowing that anchors you

  • A clear knowledge of the unique powers within you and the magic you are capable of.

  • Heal unresolved grief and clear blocks like shame, doubt, and fear

  • Learn ethical practices of how to use mediumship 

  • Learn a step by step guide on how to offer readings 

  • Monetize your gifts! 💸💸



Hi, love! 👋 I’m your spiritual bestie Sloan Tate, author of a Best-Selling Book, A Guide to Afterlife Communication, & Medium Mentor, currently located in  Miami, FL. Don’t let my current luxe lifestyle fool you! I come from conservative country roots, born on a horse farm in Tennessee, where I struggled endlessly with my mental health.


From a young age, I was spiritually tuned in & I started using my intuition/these gifts to train horses. AS a child I felt and saw energy that other people didn’t experience. When my great-grandmother passed away when I was… 23, I took off to New York City & started having incredible experiences connecting with my great-grandmother’s spirit. From there, I dove headfirst into mediumship & meditation, and my whole life completely changed. 


Since then, I’ve cultivated over ten years of practicing mediumship, studying & being mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry. Our company has successfully served over a 1,000 women to learn mediumship and center unprocessed spiritual abilities. 


It’s an honor to have you here. I can't wait to help you experience the magic of tapping into your internal voice & wisdom. See you inside the program.






As you have already figured out. 


This isn’t your average Mediumship training. 

Inside, you will AWAKEN THE GREATEST PARTS OF YOURSELF that may have laid dormant.

Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.


Get ready for the ride of your life, love.


Inside this program, I will personally mentor you on the key foundational phases to tapping into your spiritual powers.


  1. Discover: Crossing the threshold from material into spiritual, you will begin by discovering who you are: your life purpose, your channel, your core why, direction in life, and environment that makes your gifts soar. 


  1. Redefine: You discover the definition of Mediumship, soul, spirit, and physical body relation to communicating with spirit. 


  1. Access: You understand how to tap into your physical body to give concrete evidence, develop storytelling, personality of spirit, and facilitate a reading. You learn how to apply this in your life and even how to monetize your mediumship.


WHO IS THIS FOR {header}...


☑️This program is for all levels: Anyone can take this!

☑️Coaches, healers, consultants, creatives, the spiritually curious, and empaths

☑️Women ready to tap more into their SPIRITUAL POWER & experience their own spiritual freedom

☑️Women ready to CONNECT MORE TO SPIRIT & communicate with passed loved ones 

☑️Women ready to self-nourish & create SAFETY & SECURITY from within

☑️Women able to step into the growth mindset and discover the FULL possibilities of life

☑️ANYONE ready to take their power back and live a wildly free life backed with credibility




-> Weekly live group Zoom calls to develop and work in mediumship {$3,400}

-> Weekly recorded lessons and lectures {$ 1,500}

-> Access to a Mediumship Reading practice reading FB group {$600}

-> Whatsapp chat for support and community building {$400}



Bonus: Spiritual Brand Bootcamp {$ 111}


$6,011 = $x value for only $2222 🤯🤯




Trust the intuitive nudge, & SIGN UP NOW!


“I KNOW I NEED THIS…so what do I do next?!” 


"It's time to become your own 'HELL YES'. The time is now. I have a feeling I'll be seeing you inside MEDIUMSHIP FOR BEGINNERS very soon


Trust the nudge


Booking is simple. Sign up on the Podia Platform and you will get the class zoom link where we will meet live each week. 

The LIVE CLASS BEGINS: Nov. 28th 7pm eastern 


**Note, spots are limited & granted on a first-come, first-served basis ** 

More Kind Words: 

I knew learning mediumship was going to be powerful...but I am surprised how this program has helped my mental health. It has also prepared me for growth, spiritual beliefs expanding, and feeling more grounded. It has opened my mind on how to navigate grief and depression. It has also made me more centered in chaos. -Victoria 


Sloan is a powerful channel, and helped me to further accept my own gifts as a medium. In a world where being a medium and channel for spirit doesn’t always feel safe Sloan creates a safe space for exploration. The first time we connected I was blown away, she described to me a man coming through and his outfit and it was my grandfather, she never would have known his love for seersucker pants and a newsboy cap. If you are looking to learn, grow and/or empower your own psychic gifts Sloan is truly a powerful leader in this space. - Lauren

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