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I'm Sloan Tate

a Spiritual Guide and creator of                    . 

 I have designed this 7-week journey to uncover your spiritual power. You’ll learn how to harness your gifts and tap into your deepest inner wisdom to find your purpose, live in freedom, and create connection.  


Mastering your subconscious mind is like getting the keys to the Universe.


Learn how to upgrade your entire existence by unveiling the spiritual support for you on the other side of the veil. 

It is my life mission to light the way to your spiritual powers. 


It began for me when life landed me in the Big Apple. I was living my dream, or what I thought it once was. My world came crumbling down as anxiety started to heighten and become uncontrollable. 


I got help. I found resources. I started working out and eating healthy. I moved from NYC to Miami and found yoga. During my teacher training, things started to make sense.


One day, covered in sweat and tears, there on my mat, I had an out-of-body experience of my brother who passed away.  


He was young and hilarious, so I knew it was him. I cried, I laughed, and then I saw other spirits. I saw my friend’s grandmother, another strangers' relative. Each time I showed up on the mat, I had a new experience and my anxiety began to dissipate. 

It has been 5 years since those first encounters and I have now traveled around the world studying under different master teachers and retreating in sacred healing lands. I have become a master at understanding Mediumship, therefore it is within my own divine purpose to teach others how to discover their own spiritual powers.  

The empath today is hiding, feeling the heaviness of the world. I wrote Lift the Veil to empower the empath. Lets break the lone wolf symptoms and find balance in your life. When you master the understanding of energetic boundaries, life becomes lighter. When you start using your spiritual gifts-- You discover that your sensitivity is your strength. 


Anxiety and fear don’t have to be your normality.


I am on a mission to normalize spirituality. I believe in a world where we may not only express the truest version of ourselves, but also find alternative resources to healing. I stand for a new world order where empaths are empowered to use and develop their gifts. I see a world that is full of magic that overflows in abundance with enough for everyone.


You can see this world too, when you learn to lift the veil.


Spiritual work will open your eyes to a whole new world. When you master the skill of intuitive listening, the world becomes brighter. When you learn how to use your spiritual superpowers, you create the life that you want to be living. 


Let’s break free of any barriers and blockages that have been set in front of us. 


Let’s get into action and to be a divine force field of love.


Let’s lift the veil - together!


What they are saying:

“A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance. She's got that sophisticated, street smart, spiritual, soulful, savage thing about her. She's logical & mystical and believes in kindness, oneness, & magic in the world. She believes in road trips to the stars and dancing with the universe. She's fearless and gentle, wondrous and brave. She's the artist, the seeker, the poem and the dream. Her spirit is free, and she loves with all her wild heart. 

Do yourself a favor, accept the call. Take LTV."

-Jerika Broussard, Visionary Painter

If you want to: 

  • Own your superpowers

  • Be a magnet of manifestation.

  • Be Energized by Loving Channels of Divine Realms

  • Study Akashic Records

  • Learn Anatomy of the Spiritual Body

  • Learn the Art of Trance

  • Meet your Spiritual Guide

  • Study your dreams.  

  • Be in a supportive group of intuitive guidance. 

Meditation by the Sea

What they are saying:

Sloan is a powerful channel and helped me to further accept my own gifts as a medium. In a world where being a medium and channeling for spirit doesn’t always feel safe, Sloan creates a safe space for exploration. 


The first time we connected I was blown away. She described to me a man coming through and his outfit. It was my grandfather she never would have known his love for a seersucker pants and newsboy cap. If you are looking for your own psychic gifts, Sloan is truly a powerful leader in this space."

-Lauren Unger, Healer 

We have been taught to fear our gifts. That to be an intuitive is to open a door, you can not close. That is just simply not true! Learn how to listen to the highest realm, your authentic truth, so you have no fear. Know how to turn on and off your powers as you desire. 

Living a spirit driven life is living in possibility! It is recognizing the deep roots that support you. You are never alone.The next six weeks you will find proof of the existence of spiritual guides and other dimensions that are working for you. They want to help and support you. Learn how to communicate and ask for the support that you need to take your life to the next level. 

If I can do it, so can you. This is the revival of our animal instincts. 

The Lesson Plan:



Week 1

Protection: In order to leave the body, we must first learn how to be in the body.

​--> Restore your body

--> Cleanse your space

--> Create an altar

--> Different ways to clean your home 

--> How to channel the highest realms. 

--> Cast out lower energies. 

Gift: Personalized protection meditation

Week 2

Relation:  Learn about the cosmic relationships that inter web in our lives. 

--> Clear energetic boundaries

--> Understand cosmic constellations

--> Cleanse out energy vampires. 

--> Understand 5 energy depletion stages.

--> Relationship success as an empath. 

--> Protection for readings & everyday

--> How to channel the highest realms. 

--> Cast out lower energies. 

--> Study the anatomy of the Brain & Nervous System

Week 3

Share: How to open as a vessel

--> Open your 3rd eye. 

--> Study the Claire-senses

--> Understand different forms of Mediumship

--> Decode the signs

--> Understand your dreams

--> Study the 12  chakras

Gift: Know your clairesenses imprint. 

Week 4

Balance: Understand who you are speaking with.


--> Meet your Spirit Guide

--> Differentiate Spirits, Archetypes, Angels, Arch Angels, and Masters.

--> Have clarity on Lower energies < Higher realm energies

--> Learn how to ask and receive "yes" & "no."

--> Breaking down trance states.

Gift: Personal meditation and visualization of your Spirit Guide. 

Week 5 

Decode: Let us break it down. This week is a moment of mastering the signs that we are receiving.  Learn how to listen like a pro. 


-->What are signs and how do we personalize them. 

--> Get information from your Chakra system.

--> Study Numerology

--> Get to know your animal totems.

--> Learn about the Hero's Journey. 

--> Offer your first reading. 

Week 6

Align: Align intention with attention. 


--> Learn how to remove your ego. 

--> Align your chakras

--> Best practices of self care before and after channeling. 

--> Study ancient breakdowns of Trance states.

Gift: Personal opening & closing prayer for readings. 

Week 7

The Business:  What's next? 


--> Balance spirt world vs. material world. 

--> Boundaries with clients

--> An even exchange

--> What to charge. 

--> How to setup a session. 

Gift: Completed certification


What they are saying:

" I am a wife, soon to be mother, yoga teacher, spiritual medium & entrepreneur. My Spiritual gifts are Clairvoyant, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. I knew I had certain gifts, before working with Sloan, but wasn’t sure what they meant so I shut them out/off thinking I was crazy. I felt very alone and lost.


Since taking Lift the Veil, I have opened up to my gifts and connected with others who have spiritual gifts. This has made me feel more confident in my path and take on clients for spiritual readings. 


My biggest take away is being able to connect with spirit daily and to protect myself from low energies. 

It has been fun, eye opening and magical. I see and feel spirit all around me in my everyday life and have learned to protect myself from energy vampires. I no longer feel stuck in life and ask spirit for guidance. Life has become so much more effortless and flowing! 


 I see my future self so confident in my spiritual gifts that I’m able to spread love and light to the physical world from the spiritual world. ''

-Jess Batson, Mother 

What is included?: 


  • ​2 Personal Coaching Sessions with Sloan (Valued at $450)

  • Personalized Protection Visualization (Valued at $222)

  • Access to personal Mentors and personal calls (Valued $450)

  • Discovery Packet  (Valued at $200)

  • Chakra Reading (Valued at $222)

  • Access to Private Online Spiritual Community (Priceless)

  • Free Cleansing Ritual (Valued at $300)

  • 7 weekly Zoom calls (Valued at $1,750)

  • Monthly Medium Meetup (Valued at $150) 

  • Practice readings with guidance ($200)

Begins December 5th 

Thursday group zoom calls (Recorded & Will decide times as a group.)

Dates are: December 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, January 2nd, 9th, 16th.

Private 1:1 scheduled to fit your schedule. 

Payment plans & Early pre-sale pricing available. 

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