Hey! My name is Sloan.

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It is my purpose here on Earth to free people. This is not from physical constraints, but from our minds. When we are free from our minds, we can live from our hearts and experience Spirit. I have been inherently spiritual from birth, because I have a unique connection with God. You also have this connection. When we sit together in intention you may also be reminded of the radiant light that lives within both of us. Yes, I believe we are not alone here on Earth. There are many beings of light that surround you at this time. These beings of light are here to support creation, so when you feel stuck or all alone know that there is a way to rise above.


There are many tools that have been given to us to align ourselves with our eternal state of being. Practices like yoga, meditation, and mediumship help us pierce the veil, so that we may align ourselves with our highest potential.

As a small child I had frequent invisible friends and communicated with animals. I discovered and reignited this innocence back into my life, during a 200hr yoga teacher training. It was through meditation that I was able to prove spiritual encounters and visitations, by sharing the information that I received to fellow yogis. Since then I have embarked on many spiritual travels around the world, visiting and studying in places like Arthur Findlay College, The Quiet Place, Cosm, Omega Institute, and many others.  I have accredited 500+ hours of Yoga Teacher training in Himalayan Yoga and Trauma informed yoga.


I am a Spiritual Medium, Yoga Teacher, and Transformational Coach. All of my services are designed to elevate your state of being and generate wealth. With evidence and divine knowledge, I have completed thousands of readings and yoga classes. It has been over eight years since I first began this work and continue to develop with my belief that I am always a student.


Be sure to look out for my new book coming to Amazon in  the end of May. 

My hope for the world is that we may live in the freedom of expressing the truest version of ourselves. May we live out our divine purpose and meet the divine power within our souls.



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