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Here is how to empower your life and get credibility for your empathic powers from a universal source energy.  
Welcome to the world of spiritual development, where your practice becomes the ultimate solution to removing emotional, mental, and even physical blocks.

From: Sloan Tate

The Development Coach

📍Miami, FL

Hey Super Soul,

If you’re an overwhelmed Empath and you want to supercharge your life and have undeniable confidence in trusting your intuition – then this will be the most important and exciting page you'll read this year.

Here’s why:


I’m going to reveal…


A NEW way to use your overwhelming “feels” and “vibes” to align with your dream life and receive invincible confidence with credibility.


But First, A Warning ⚠️:

The NEW Powers of an Empath I outline on this page requires a shift away from OLD and exhausting ways that don’t work anymore…


… things like poor self-esteem, co-dependent relationships, being a people pleaser, unhealthy boundaries, taking things personally, being conveniently confused, and controlling everything.


If you’re not willing to accept that, this information will NOT work for you.


And without meaning to sound harsh, the best thing to do would be to leave this page now because I won’t be able to help you.


But if you’re looking for a very DIFFERENT and EXCITING way to be FULLY SEEN in all your POWERS then let me introduce you to…

The Powers of an Empath


When you know how to live in your own authentic truth and trust the clear messages that you receive.


Then you can say goodbye to questioning your purpose.


You can say goodbye to getting lost in other people’s ideals of you.


And you can finally say goodbye to empathic exhaustion!


This unique Powers of an Empath is unlike any of the common spiritual training strategies you’ve seen.

… and it’s the same method that helped me create a Medium practice that supported hundreds of grieving clients connect with their lost loved ones. It is the same method that helped me get off anti-depressants and Amphetamines for after 15 years, write a best-selling book, and make six figures in my first year of business.

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 11.30.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 11.30.45 AM.png

The process for how The Power of an Empath works is actually very simple.


It’s just 3 steps:


Step 1: Desire

Your first step is to say “yes!” Claim your worth by getting clear with clarity and confidence of exactly what you want. In this process you will get rid of all the distractions from your inner knowing. 


Step 2: Guidance

Learn the art of surrendering to a higher universal truth and receive guidance. Be able to share this guidance and record the information that you process.


Step 3: Believe

Start now believing that good happens to you. That there is an abundance that all that you desire is matching your powers.

The Powers of the Empath is the “missing piece” that will allow you to save time and lead with confidence.


This unique method is your compass to expressing yourself fully and using your powers to accelerate growth.


Now you've already seen how the Fastest way to re-claim your supernatural birth right is with The Powers of an Empath.


Now imagine what could happen if you had YOUR OWN method?


Imagine how that could change your empathic lulls and life?


Imagine having a simple system to claim your intuitive super powers.


Imagine getting confirmation… better, easier, and faster than ever.


When I discovered The Powers of an Empath… EVERYTHING CHANGED! 


But claiming your unique listening powers around this unique method can be hard.


For starters, there's NO PLACE on earth to get your hands on this information.

And even if there were, doing it on your own may take years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars wasted on easily avoidable mistakes.


The good news is…


I’m going to crack the code to your intuitive purpose with The Powers of an Empath with you!


You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...


All you have to do is apply the simple method that I’m about to give you!


And by apply...


I mean, you take my proven reading framework, processes, and everyday lifestyle hacks.


You customize these to your needs, and you will literally have the Powers of an Empath transforming your life, just like that!


Does that sound like something you want?


If it is, I can help you.


But there’s more to the story.

Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is – like most things – harder than it looks.


And totally transforming your Empathic lulls into power to propel you forward takes time, effort, and energy.


In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you personally, each week for about 2 months!


If you’re interested in working together…


The Powers of an Empath is a mastermind for empaths who are ready to embrace their supernatural powers to rid themselves of doubt and serve from their highest purpose.

If that's YOU, I’d like you to join us.


Here’s What’s Included in Powers of an Empath Training


The Powers of an Empath Training Guide

A weekly training video and step by step guide customized to explain, clear, and activate your intuition.

Bonus Content

10 Year Meditation

Chat Support 


Week 1: Acceptance


Accepting the belief that you there is a unique expression of divinity that is wanting to be expressed. We all do, but not everyone has the courage to develop this. There is a saying that goes something like… “Many are called, but few are chosen.” You get to be the chosen one, by claiming that you are worthy simply because you are.


Let’s be honest, you are more scared of succeeding that you are failing. If you want to live your life authentically as you are, you can’t accept mediocre. Understanding your dreams, sign, and messages is the most important investment you can make in your life. Without accepting your gifts, you’ll be just like everyone else and be defined by, you guessed it… everyone else.

Understanding and accepting your unique spiritual powers gives you an edge in life no matter how you choose to apply them. Learning how to listen to your intuitive nudges is the most stable foundation you can ever build on.


Once you have acceptance, next we need to….


Week 2: Break the Barriers


You accepting your gifts is going to bring a lot of resistance. This soft intuitive voice you will learn to nourish is a power that you have had all along, but you have learned to ignore. Culture, your upbringing, and your own personal inner dialogue has had you doubt, fear, and sometimes shame this sacred power. You get to get deep in the yucky sludge to eliminate all that you made up when your spiritual abilities were misdiagnosed or unrecognized.


Enough with your genius spiritual nudges living and dying in silence. Together we will discover tools for instant alignment and connection, through breath work, kriyas, Holy Fire Reiki III ®, meditation, mediumship development, and mindset coaching. We will dedicate time to acknowledge your ego’s desires to keep you safe and create systems that make life easier for you—so that you can SHINE, baby SHINE.


Once we break the barriers, next we need to…

Week  3: Face the Imposter


You my dear, are not a fraud, nor are you making this up. You will discover the amazing benefits of documenting your work for compelling evidence. We will use spiritual coaching techniques to help you gain clarity, confidence, and correct translations from the spiritual world. Let’s get you to become a credible source, so that everyone is knocking at the door to be with you- even the sceptics.


It is more than a “vibe” or a “feeling.” There is so much intelligence that is wanting to be explored beneath these emotions that you experience. Through the practice of your empathic powers, you will learn how to define them and express life in a way you never have before, a life with credibility.


 After we face the imposter, next we need to…

Week 4: Communication Through Senses


An empowered empath trusts their intuition and knows that this comes from different waves of senses. You will fully understand how to fully express, articulate, and inform yourself of what is for you.


You will learn how to move energy in your body to calm your nervous system to decipher the difference from intuition verses trauma. Live your best life by no longer fearing feeling. Understand the information that comes through the heightened experience through the Claire senses.



After we communicate through your senses, next we need to…


Week 5: Conserve


Now that you understand the power of your abilities, you will discover structure and boundaries that align with your purpose. You will know the power of inspiration from a divine universal source.

Together we will explore, self-care and sustainable practices that support your magnetism. Everyone has a unique channel and ways of expressing this. You will get clear on the drains and focus on the gains-- ultimately creating a system that has you clear on your desired outcome, with a well-oiled system that supports your mission.


After we learn to conserve, next we need to….


Week 6: Rewrite your story


You are forever growing and with spiritual development aiding your progress this growth will accelerate! After you have discovered your existential truths, we will journey through your past to rewrite a story, with the existential divine universal truth.


You discover your worth by speaking your expression of the truth, and by accessing forgiveness for the times you felt abandoned. Rewriting your story is understanding that everything that led you here came to serve you. We will tap into tools like Family Constellations, a practice in recognizing, this did not begin with you. Matching this healing technique with Spirit Communication, this training will completely shift your mindset. You will understand how to speak to your spiritual awakening and use it as fuel to move you forward.


Once you have re-written your story, Next we need to….

Week 7: Serve


Once you become clear from the steps above, it’s only natural for a burning desire to come from you to create and share. Not everyone is ready to become a fully outed medium or light worker, and that is ok. If you are, that’s great too! This program is meant to focus on your spiritual journey.  The practice of your spiritual journey can be applied to any areas of your life. In the Powers of an Empath, you will have the opportunity to serve while in the coaching container.


Together we will get clear on logistics, platforms, and conversations with people that you feel safe to present yourself in. A new brand and identity will naturally emerge and from this place you will receive personalized coaching to help you see it through.

Here's What Everyone Is Saying About working with the Powers of an Empath


“I gained increased clarity when it comes to my business and my life. Grateful for the deepening of my knowing of my spiritual connection, and for Holding the space to open up a deeper layer of knowing within me.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and it really helped me step out of my shell and feel confident in my work, my readings, and my interactions with people!”


“The family we’ve created in this group has helped me to feel LOVE, raise my vibration, feel confident in my ability to connect, heal myself, focus on being a better person, be open to the messages and magic, and solidified my purpose here in this lifetime.”


“Anyone looking to reconnect with life at a more expansive level should take this course.”

Now you have two choices…

The first option: You can go it alone

Managing the overwhelm on your own.

The second option: We can do it TOGETHER

You can join this mastermind team of individuals that are like minded like you and learn what it took me 10 years to understand! It’s inevitable you will become a magnet, glowing and helping the world from a sustainable place of purpose.


But before you apply, let me be brutally honest…

This is NOT for everybody.


This program is for those that:

  • Have a deep desire to understand their purpose

  • That want to help people

  • Are willing to feel the feels

  • Are ready to live a life beyond the veil

This program is not for those that:

  • Want to blame others

  • To play small and hide

  • Want a quick fix


Here’s How to Apply:

The Next step is to schedule a free Consult Call with Sloan to see you are a good fit. 

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