"Heaven is Here,

because Love never dies."

Sloan Tate

As a Spiritual Medium I have helped thousands of clients break through grief and open a new line of communication. I'm known as the medium's medium, because clients that come to me develop their own abilities. 

I take traditional mediumship and add a modernized twist so that this practice is approachable for anyone. Book a Spiritual Mediumship session with me to begin. Also check out one of the development classes to strengthen your connection or build a thriving intuitive-led business.

"Sloan has had a huge impact in my life, her insights, patience, wisdom and channelling has opened up many possibilities in my life. Her readings have always been so authentic and on point. Through them I have discovered my own abilities. Our conversations have been pivotal points in some of my decision making."

-Alonso, Peru

"Sloan is a powerful channel and helped me to further accept my own gifts as a medium. In a world where being a medium and channeling for Spirit doesn’t always feel safe, Sloan creates a safe space for exploration."

-Lauren, NYC

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